Flower Care

Caring for your hand-tied aqua pack

Your bouquet can be left in its aqua pack for up to 48 hours. After this time the water will need to be changed so snip the base of the water bag over the sink to release the water.

Remove the lower packaging, the upper gift wrap can be left on if desired or removed with care but do not untie your flowers. Fill a vase of tepid water, add flower food following the instructions on the packet, cut approx 5cm from the end of the stems. For best results cut stems at an angle. Stand the hand-tied design in the vase.

Remember to keep your flowers in a cool, draught free area, out of direct sunlight. The cooler the room the longer your flowers will last. Remove any faded blooms or foliage as soon as possible. Change the water in the vase twice a week.
Caring for your roses

On receipt of your roses, remove the packaging with care.
Bouquet of Roses

Remove 2-3cm from the stem end with a sharp knife and cut on the angle. Do not use scissors or crush the stem - this prevents the rose taking up water. Stand in a deep vase filled with water with the flower food added.
Hand tied bouquet of roses

Do not untie your flowers, cut stems as above and stand in a vase of water with flower food added. Change water in the vase at least once a week. If the rose head flops, cut off the stem end as above and stand the rose in 2-3cm of boiling water as soon as possible. Keep the roses away from draughts, fruit and radiators, the cooler the room the longer they will last. Contact us if you experience problems.

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